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Why aren’t we considering a woman?

The new general secretary could come to epitomise a forward looking, progressive party but why is there no woman in the running, asks Rebecca Simon

Social justice and sustainability: do we have to choose?

Shadow secretary of state for transport, Maria Eagle MP, speaks exclusively to Progress on ‘Social justice and sustainability: do we have to choose?’ as party of the Policy 2020 series and the party’s policy review

What this government doesn’t get

The Tories misunderstand what responsibility between government and citizen means, says the shadow welfare secretary

Remembering David Cairns

Everyone at Progress is saddened and shocked at the untimely passing of our friend and colleague, David Cairns.
His hard work for the people of Inverclyde goes without saying, but his work to pursue a better and more progressive politics for the country as whole is what made him so special. His ability to articulate political feeling and ideas was always engaging and often extremely funny.
As a MP and former government minister he had a massive impact on our politics but we are all sure he had so much more to give. He will be missed by everyone at Progress but it is politics more widely that will now lack his unique insights and the ideas he had to give as the Labour party looks to the future.
Our thoughts are with his partner Dermot, his father John, his brother Billy and all his many friends and family.